Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Soon I hope to post an article summarizing all the sweet mayham that's gone on under my nose in my time in UG. But for right now, a minor update:

- the chicken farm is nearly complete: we await some very small logistical stuff- like troughs for the food/drink, and the door to be affixed; PLEASE KEEP JUMA, OUR CONTRACTOR, ON YOUR HEART. HIS FATHER, A LOCAL AREA CHAIRMAN, WAS SADLY KILLED IN HIS HOME ON SUNDAY. WE'VE GIVEN HIM OUR CONDOLENCES & A LITTLE MONEY & FOOD.
- We are looking at having a grant provide money for the orphanage farm's chickens (wise!)
- Jja Jja is safe at home & under the comfort & care of Amos & Dora. They will be wrestling to pay rent this month (hey, that makes 2 of us, lol. k, not quite) but are continuing to care for Jja Jja & Kenneth (their nephew). They are (or should be!) looking for work, though Amos is honorably dedicated to his congregation & their needs.
- Bubedea- she has had enough money (provided by generous donors) to pay for the term in school, and to pick up all the supplies she could need for the year.
That's all for now!

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