Saturday, March 12, 2011

DONE! It's done! It's really really done!

Ha ha, I laugh as I'd been bothering Patrick for finished photos, who was struggling to find batteries for his camera for some time (but I'd told I'd left rechargables for him, which I lent to another- confusion!) and I found they'd had these photos for the past 2 weeks all along. So we laugh, and here she is, the completed farm!                                                                              So much has gone into helping these children. Giving and sending money is great, but we one-uped it with building infrastructure, and at the same time making an investment- not only to produce food, but to produce an opportunity & work ethic in the children to rear & raise it up. Rasing up chickens, and raising up hope- that's what this project has been about.
We look forward to the lil' chickens which were ordered & paid for about 2-3 weeks ago, so we're excited!
Chickens are planned for the main floor, and it can house more chicks or a schoolroom for a burgeoning home-school up top

Yes, indeed it has. And as we remember her, her love still moves forward   

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