Monday, March 28, 2011

Hungry hungry Hippos

These poor kids- didn't eat for the past 2 days, at all. "We had no food". "What about the money I gave you to buy the chickens when the order is complete?" "William said we can't use that, he doesn't want to cross funds"
"Patrick, don't go hungry again man. Just call"
If I hadn't have been there, I might not believe it, but they actually went 2 days without food, and in a situation where i may have cursed God, they praised Him. That is an enduring spirit, and the synergetic blessing comes back to me, to feed my heart with a hope not often found in the western nation, but not entirely void either. But the faith & positivity I see.. wow.
   A lot of people have strung together to serve this cause- Patrick & William & the house mother- moving together to rescue neglecteded children from the slums of Kampala. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE HELPING! The reward is yours, something lasting & substantial to look back on in a culture searching for jus' that.

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