Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paint a picture by numbers

I was invited to share my thoughts on any topic of my choice on a Sunday morning with a group of very open minded villagers; they were almost all below middle age and there was children- about 25-30 in total,  They really impressed me with their charachter & wisdom, there was a lot of genuine people I met.

I shared my feelings/thoughts about hypocrisy in Christians with the church, and them being what the Bible says (the 3rd commandment, for example, or Chirst's hard-core warnings) is the worst thing a person could do, and which composes the current mission Christians have to address. A Christian first must walk a life worthy of the high claim it is to say one is "following after Christ" before trying to convince others of doing the same. I'm still trying to figure out what it all means though, and I know that Jesus sought out genuine people over self-rightous or overly-religious ones. I'm trying then, to be the former first; there's a lot of top-heavy people- of which I am one- with minds full of the knowledge of God, but whom know themselves very little. 
It makes people like lolly-pops- good stuff up top but sometimes just kind of bare bones down below.

Pastor Moses by numbers:

18- the number of wives his dad had. He was a Buganda tribal prince, people like to get close to power
83- bothers & sisters, of which he was the last-born. His mom left his father for (get this) lack of attention, and our young Pastor man ended up with one of his aunts
14- the age he was kicked out of his aunt's home, for having Christian beliefs. (His Prince father was a Muslim- who apparently & conveniently didn't believe in schooling children.
6- the number of year he worked between his grades 1 and 6
6 - the number of years he was educated (nick-named pa-pa at school, he'd work one year, and school the next). And we complained about our walk to the bus stop..
17still living in the slums of Kiseni (see my pics for some snap-shots), the age he set in his mind the truest purpose he could have is serving others spiritually
7- the number of churches he's planted, getting some solid movement going
34- the man's age; Moses is married, though with no children he's got 5 living with him
of his children were 'given to him' by their parents, saying "You've spoiled them, they don't respect our shrines anymore. You can have them now then"
29- the group size on the morning I went. some cool people there

(I want to join forces with this joyous man, and all that is being done through him...)
SwEEtTTT!! Mo' lives in an old converted witch-doctor's house (he had to dig up & burn some funny charms- armpit hair & snakeskin, chicken skulls..) but evenmoreso do some casting out to clean the place up; apparently all the neighbours didn't believe he'd slept there. Nobody would go near the place- the fruit would fall off the trees & rot, even the landlord halved the rent. So far 2 other doctors have left the village (complaining to the local council that their power/influence has been waning because of him) & he's claimed the village in the name of all God. [Child sacrifices still happen here in Uganda, amongst other evil things, at the hands of witch doctors. I think that sometimes we can be too logical here in North America. Evil is.. afterall evil, and this guy's leader is putting it to rest through him. I find him to have a great choice affinity and incredible perspective. And hes a chillin guy who smiles when he talks, but not creepily- its real, you know?

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