Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The village cycle of poverty? Eeek

UPDATE: Met with Patrick this AM, and after establishing there was a need gave 50,000 shillings (25$) to sustain them with the better part of a big bag of maize(corn) flour. They make 'posho', but this is 1D aid- it fills an emergency need, but is not long term (2D) or comprehensive (in the community- 3D).

Some good news! 2 donors came forward- in the Emtages from back in Ontario, and a commitment to pledge in general from my buddy Josh Schug, who will work in North Alberta and share the dough he rakes in working so very hard. Sweet. Also recieved was a 100$ cheque from the great mother-daughter duo (AND FAM) Tanya & Celita. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (this goes towards Jja Jja's leg surgury fund). We also had a secret donor from the British Columbia Indian community offer strong support should Jja Jja need it for her leg. And Kellie for E-stuff & encouragement! (Am I forgetting anyone.. maybe? SORRY-if I do, forgive me!)
There's a young chap (a:15)
who sells cassava (like potato) wedges across the road for 5 cents a serving.
his family- brothers & sisters & mom
also sell charcoal, which he sifts through with his hands
from like.. 6am until around 10 pm, (on a day without school)

But in the meantime, the boys pasttime & passion is Rugby- his possible way out of the cycle of ridiculous poverty. He is strong, has charachter, and Uganda has a good Rugby system. He should be at a 2 week camp right now, but his mom keeps preventing him with excuses and more work.
I think she's scared to let go (aka CODEPENDENT), something I saw rise in our family through the ages.
So, she's crushing his dreams. We had a heart to heart where i told him to be honest with her about how important it was and is to him. I don't know if he mustered the courage.

Fear (of not being loved) is the glue holding the wheel of poverty in place, I think.
I see the problem, but how do I help? Since the cure for fear of conditional love is Unconditional Love, I reminded him He was Created and is cared for, in a true way. It seems superficial on the outside, but if he accepts it, he will find in the moments he does such a hope- from the light of faith/positivity (call-it-what-you-want) in his life, no matter what. And that will see doors open, I believe- doors that might otherwise be missed by negative inferences & (more heavily) actions

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