Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today I saw...

a man, begging; he had no feet or fingers
I tried to help him, through a translator, by initiating conversation about a sustainable trade/income that he could manage 
(I met a similar man in Rio/Brazil who made a living from drawings)
but he only wanted money...
he needs understanding and his next meal, right now, so I left him with meat and my open offer to help find work

a child, sweetly sitting on the sidewalk, with dirty feet and no shoes
a busy city sidewalk... not like the one in my childhood neighborhood
I thought.."not money" and realized I'd bought water. 300 shillings or 15 cents = 1 bottle
then I turned back and left sweet crackers as well. 220 shillings or 11 cents = 1 pack
total expenditure = $0.26 (twenty six cents) + 1 child's day is revived

a large delivery truck with an adage on the side (not uncommon)
"promote Jesus' name"
and I wondered if that's what the world needed
not whether or not they needed Him, but
whether or not we need people throwing out his name, from 'rightous' lips (for doing so)
The third commandment (that's top three, remember)
Jesus' cautions (READ THIS)
He came to chill with the down-to-earth, & broken hearted, and those who knew themselves
as many of the religious were too much for even Him (in my view- you can check it out, i.e. John)

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