Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm starving, because the madam (my friend Amos's wife) who lives in our family didn't have dinner ready by 7 as she said. but like 10:30. In a nutshell they live with me here- we live in community, and we serve eachother & everyone has their role. Mine is more rent related, but truth be told when all things are well the load is equal.

But far worse than my meager longing-for-supper-hunger is the surprise I got in a phone call to my man, Patrick. I'll tell you more later maybe, but he's a 20 year old orphan, trying to care for as many street children as he can. Blessed to be given a home, he houses 43 of possibily the most inspiring young people (below grade 8) I've ever met in one go.

But tonight things weren't so well. The sacks of rice/posho(ground corn)/beans which they feed from were all but empty this morning, so they haven't eaten today. WOWZERS.

(Patrick is assisted by a few others- another F/T teacher - to ANOTHER 60+ community children who have no school fees- whose name is WIlliam, and also lives at the house, as well as a mother who lost a child but stayed on to help, and a volunteer couple from northern Europe who are mostly teachers).

ANyways, I'm mad at Patrick for not caling me- as I told him to- but I know he goes hungry along with the kids. It may SOUND irresponsible, but these kids are still 10x better off at an orphanage that lacks food once in a while than being on the streets and all that goes with that (starvation included!).

Sooo... thats what going on tonight.
Thanks for tuning in.
(Oh, I plan to.. yes, call a church in the morning to see if they'll want to help.If they say no, than I'll turn to other sources, like a family back home (The EMtages!) and other faithful/compassionate supporters who come out to help out. This is only emergency action though, we're building a chicken farm/raising support for it, and I hope to be helping organize. This is little too, a lot of people I know are realizing their pot'l & doing much- i.e. my former manager Hannah of CWG Canada facilitates about 80 kids school fees getting sponsored. So COOL!)

-PIC: we sent this to Tele-company (Orange) after they donated left over shirts. Yeay!

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