Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NEWS OF THE HEN-HOME: The deal in a nutshell UPDATED

The day has come. left are the door, the ramp on the stairs (so the chicks can climb to one of the few second stories in the village) and some small coverings on the sides.
We are hoping to finish up. Lots of setbacks have happened, but our vision is enduring and we're all eager to see our mission accomplished.

Juma's a cool guy, but we're no so sure we'll use him for future construction. When we ask for a ramp (for the chicks to enter the 'henven above'- aka 2nd floor) and we get a staircase (no way they can climb it)… we aren’t exactly doing service for the people supporting the cause. So there were a couple similar matters we've had to iron out to try to stay on budget, but all in all, the general construction has received lots of praise b/c as you can see it’s mighty fine’. Solid, more than anything, but ‘space’ appeal both for room and the roof that looks like a spaceship (no thanks to another unapproved modification). Anyways, it’s good & will do the job well- and LAST long.

We chilled tonight (Dec 22nd) and together with 3 international volunteers, Patrick & Willaim (who help lead the ducklings) we met and pondered about the new growth that has to take place at the orphanage to see the lives of these once-street children be enriched & strengthened. It was a good & necessary talk.

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