Monday, December 13, 2010

Foundations & Dedication

The building is nearly complete! As we reflect on the work which will touch the lives of children, we want to turn the focus on how this was made possible.

The farm has been erected & will be established in honor & lasting memory of Mrs. Dalvir Kaur Sodhi. She is the mother of my former (Canada wrestling) teammate Randeep Sodhi, who, together with the support of his 3 sisters & brother-in-laws, and with support from relatives and close friends, raised the entire funds for the project. The chicken farm is 26' x 17' and will house 250-300 egg producing hens on it's two levels.

The family thanks all of the special people who have supported them in this project & making this great sustainable opportunity happen for over 100 children in difficult circumstances. They send a big thank you to volunteers, construction workers, and to Patrick, William and Jamie for helping arrange it.

The day-attending children dance with Patrick & other volunteers committed to educating & feeding them
From the streets to the loving shelter of the home, the farm will serve to produce eggs for children to get the single biggest source of protein added to their diet, as well as sustain an income for other foods.

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