Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WHen you help a child...

When you help a child..
YOU're  really.. MOVING the earth

you're rocking not just one world, though
-that of the child-
but making a statement of love; of
..and setting an standard
through them to the world
a statement of a faith
- in what you believe in- in action.

Consider committing to a child- there are 4-5 that I know could use it.
-instead of selling sugarcane to earn an impoverished living
-at school, boarders get food & shelter guaranteed (sweet!)
-feeling like a somebody, like people care, like never before
-to be blessed (yeah you!) Seldom do we have a chance to impact such significant change on mankind/earth than through investing in the education of a child that I think is a guarenteed investment.                                          ..Let me know if you're interested, I'd love to share with you'll some profiles.
-Consider sponsoring one, in somebody's name, as a Christmas gift.
- it costs about $200 per term (includes all meals, school fees, housing), and I have selfless volunteers here who've helped me with logistics, making sure the kids supplies are met & they're visited @ school
-for non-boarders it'd be about $75 per term, as they 'd still need to buy supplies (which are actually way more than at home- because they stock the school themselves)

Thanks for your time & thought/prayer about this!
I hear there's lots of snow backhome. I can't decide if I want to request a snow-angel, or an igloo... hmmm. Do something in my honor, with snow- for me! (Snowballs work ok too  <=-o)

I'll be home soon anyways (sadly,  a little too soon). December 14th.

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