Sunday, December 5, 2010

life of farm- day 2am, the rise of coopopolis

I want to send out a words of thanks again for the supporters f the chicken coop for the children. In all my time in Uganda, this could be one of the most worthy causes, as it  will capacitate not only nutritiously feeding the former street kiddos, but it will also capacitate Patrick to eventually expand so the movement can facilitate more children coming in off of the streets.

Ultimately the reason I believe its a worthwhile investment is because these children grow with a genuine love and authentic faith. So much more than physical needs get met here- so effectively I hope the future has plans of exposing me to this environment on a longer-term basis (i.e. moving in?). Time'll tell

raw timber poles, soon to be raw awesomeness

ahh, the soon-to-be study walls of fort cluck

Our chicken coopster is 25 x 17 squared feet of madness. In this pic, the poles go up

I'm pretty sure they dug each of the 21 holes with this machete. <=-o

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