Saturday, December 4, 2010

SOLD!! To the Man in Surrey


We met with a man yesterday who won my confidence in the well-contested battle to compose Raising Up Hope's first chicken house. He's a local carpenter who, very honorably cares more about solid building construction than he does money. I think he's a faithful Muslim. Props for walking the faith brother.

Then a man over 5000 miles away had something laid on his heart. Having lost his mother, and moving together with the support of the family, a former wrestling comrade and buddy- with the help of another builder in the BC wrestling community, vowed to see the chicken farm through financially, from start to finish- whatever it required.
Ok, so that's all. Props to the donors, one for giving in the name of his mother- for the sake of love, of humanity, of selflessness, the other wanting to aid when he heard of the cause!

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