Sunday, December 5, 2010

Left overs: Sunday

Had left over potatoes from fellowship, didnt want to throw them away...

talking bout' giving to the poor at fellowship, I couldn't waste this food.. and really felt led to follow that trail..

So I stepped out in faith, with the conviction that if I followed the leading it would all work as it should.
It was a challenging experience, because after a while of looking for food-needy people (who disappear when YOU look for THEM- but not the reverse, apparently) Doreen & I found someone, but then they were gone after we decided to grab water(for them)  from a store they were next to.
I actually started feeling discouraged, because I felt like I was totally putting myself out there, following this conviction, it was late at night, and it seemed we were getting nowhere. Then, just when I let go of my grumbling, and with encouragement stepped on, we met...

Shaban. Shaban had been wrestling with alcohol, and when he saw us had a bottle in his hand.. but a craving in his eye for something deeper, a craving I could relate to. I told him, through Doreen in Luganda (language), that I felt led to share my potatoes & not waste them, they were untouched- asked if he wanted them. Sure!

 I'd go on to be humbled and yes- led by- him as things went on. He sensed a love that was deeper than our own, and was knew there was a source of our love. He knew it was Jesus. Did I say that- I thought? No man, we didn't say anything about God or religion that I recall. We just followed our conviction, and loved. And when I felt he.. wanted more than booze, I said "Dor, we should give him the water"- when it came out of the bag and met his eyes, I saw and felt his spirit let go, & accept that he was loved, that he was heard, even the whispers of his heart. He accepted the water, but much more- the love... His fears were gone, he was liberated. An I'll never forget the peace in his eyes, the calm as he gave up all that once held him. Forever. Without looking back.

He had asked me to `pray for him`but I told him to talk to his Creator on his own behalf, and I became a part of his radical spiritual journey, humbly admiring his bravery and abandonment of all else for True Love.

This night was amazing, and God showed me what little He could do with just a little faith. He provided all I needed, I just needed to listen to my conviction.
Doreen & Shaban, and Tom (his neighbor- who loves God as well, working in city to pay for his grade 9 schooling) and I spent many nights together after, really being blessed by God's presence. I felt like I was 100% open and so were they, and it was amazing feeling & seeing how clearly & strongly we were speoken to through the Bible, eachother, etc. It was probably my sweetest time in Uganda.

It'd get rivaled, of course- by an Enemy working & using the world- after a few weeks of ridiculous peace I sadly regret our fellowship slowed and we each grew weaker because of it- forgetting the ever-humbling, awesome presence that had rocked our worlds like nothing else in life had ever come close to, and so deeply.
Shaban is still feeding off the reality (recorded history) of his Maker's effect of love in people's lives- loving learning to read & tackling scripture, from what I hear, continuing to be encouraged by the way it's shaped & changed the world so much. I would & do continue the simple task of faith: remebering how loved I am & we are; Shaban also does too. This takes the form of turning back & forth to the world- him alcohol, me food (I shouldn't eat, for my diet- same effect). Anyways, this experience was a blessing, one I hope I don't ever forget.

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