Friday, December 3, 2010


Our OTHER bro Patrick, from a home geared at improving young (parentless) children's lives through sport. They have a poultry projects and were helping us with the logistical/legal/cost-balancing part of it
this is Robert, another one of the guys helping us establish the farm. He told us about the structure and we came up with a slam-bang design (double decker) with him. He also added to Patrick's knowledge of rearing chickens- Patrick has experience which is perfect, since he'll be around

Chickens from Robert's farm, some of manymanymany
I ask a lot of questions and though I didn't know much when I began, am understanding what a chicken farm requires and what it provides (so much for these young people).

For 3000 shillings (or 1.50) we can get a chicken that'll generously donate an egg a day (for up to 2 years) to hungry children (who can consume or sell it!). SWEEeeettt, what a blessing! Wanna buy one for a child? Visit the place where you can give @

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