Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A look around the Chicken Farm!

   Okay, so things are progressing here in rural Bulenga, Kampala. The hen-house looks great so far, with only a few final touches to add and items to finalize. OFFICIAL completed pictures to follow asap, but for now, please enjoy some of the moments leading up to now:

it appears there are one or two people happy about the idea of a hen house

what makse it all worthwhile

"Uncle Patrick" as they call him, with young people crowding to watch his every move, lol. they love him

smile. life is a blessing

stairway to henven (it's what we got when we clearly told Juma to construct a ramp, lol. It is built well though!- and ramp to come!)

the broad side of a barn (combined picture)

if the other smile didn't make it worthwhile..

at night, the floor eagerly awaits the completion of construction, and then to be home to 250-300 chic'kains

At first I wasn't sure if our contractor worked hard. But I am going to start judging people by their gut. Sadly, yesterday Juma fell off a ladder, possibly in his furvor (despite heeds to 'slow down!'). He is currently recovering, and soothing sore ribs, cheekbone and tail bone (& a bruised wallet from the hospital as well. He will bo ok though, and set to finish Friday!)

more construction

this much wall, this much wire. Perfect!

Again, although it's still not quite complete, we want to give a big, sincere thanks to all those who made this possible, especially Randeep & the Sodhi family. I cannot think of a better way to honor the late Mrs. Dalvir Sodhi, than to erect this building for sustainable food production for the home of these children, our brothers & sisters, neices & nephews.
                                                THANK YOU AGAIN!! BE BLESSED!!

Peace & love

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