Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update: Progress at the hunger-quenchin' hen farm

The hen-farm from the road

Juma is a great construction manager to work with; he is humble & positive (and hard working). His work isn't perfected but he's always willing to learn.

pass me some wood, would ya?

if there are good hard working men, I think they can finish the work on time. They need to be attentive to instruction and organized to do it though. And apparently have good balance!

... but if they don't, they can always take lessons from this guy (he was 'walking' by the site on stilts he made [which better not be from our wood!])

Sideview: the hen house's two stories. (yes, I've more than once considered living here, lol. It will be rougher looking once it's done though, if that makes sense)

THIS IS NOT OUR CHICKEN FARM Lol!, but I walked by it and snapped it for comparison. Ours is geared to house a coup of 250-300 hennies (and designed to last forever!)

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